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Travel to Darwin the Australia Northern Territory

Travel to Darwin the Australia Northern Territory


When you think of the Australia Northern Territory, you are immediately flooded with images of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (Olgas) rising from the ground of the red desert. Although these two iconic representations of the landscapes of the Northern Territory, they mean only a small part of the vast landscape of this amazing region of the Australia.

North of the Red Centre is the city of Darwin, the gateway to the National Park of Kakadu, lush Park National of Litchfield, Katherine Gorge world heritage site, and the community of Arnhem Land.

The upper end experiences two distinct seasons; the rainy season and the dry season. Each brings with it a completely different travel experience with unique natural screens. The rainy season extends from November to April and is characterized by high humidity, the monsoon rains and storms. The dry season extends from May to October and features warm, dry and sunny and cool nights. While most of the tours and attractions are open year-round, weather conditions may restrict travel in some areas during the rainy season and some destinations are closed from December to may.

Darwin's Waterfront
Sea front of Darwin

Darwin is a melting pot of cultures with an outdoor festival and market atmosphere animated. There is a remarkable story of air raids of the SECOND world war to devastating cyclones - the many museums and galleries tell the story of this extraordinary city.

Spectacular storms descend on Darwin during the season of rains with population local rear location to watch the roll in the comfort of a beach or the bar restaurant. Time cools then rolls, characterized by a clear, crisp nights and foggy mornings. The outside comes alive as people take advantage of the weather with the cinemas of open air Transat, spectacular sunsets and Mindil Beach offer market key experiences.

Aerial Jim Jim Falls in the wet season, Kakadu National Park
Jim Jim Falls during the wet season, Park National of Kakadu

Dive you in the natural and cultural wonders offered by the National Park of Kakadu of inscribed to the world heritage. Only three hours from Darwin, visitors the chance to spot wildlife, hike to the spectacular waterfalls, jump into the sparkling waterholes and contemplate big collection the most accessible rock art. Enjoy the waterfalls of Thunder and bright lighting shows from January to March, while August and September are the ideal months for birding with millions of birds of conversion on the rivers and the water leakage holes.

The waterfalls in the National Park of Litchfield perform a stunning comeback over the summer. Florence Falls is located in a monsoon forest, where double waterfalls tumble in a spectacular swimming hole. Enjoy the panoramic view before you follow 0 steps up to the deep, cool pool for a refreshing swim. Make a hike to the top of the Tjaetaba falls, an Aboriginal sacred site, for a serene view of the surrounding Bush and make sure that you stop at Wangi Falls, the largest of Litchfield and more accessible waterfall, which is a spectacular site during the rainy season.

Edith Falls, Nitmiluk National Park, by Ellenor Argyropoulos
Edith Falls, the Park National: by Ellenor Argyropoulos

Discover: National Park (Katherine Gorge) on foot, canoe, boat, or helicopter. Composed of 13 gorges carved into the ancient sandstone, this world-renowned Park offers of spectacular hiking trails to allow visitors to discover the landscape. Rainforests, gorges, forests, marshes, rivers and rock outcrops are all available throughout the region and for those looking for a less energetic turn - try a scenic cruise or helicopter flight to enjoy the view. You will never forget the aerial view of Katherine Gorge when full of water during the summer of news. The powerful waterfalls and the maze of ancient sandstone offer a spectacular superb from the seat of a helicopter.

Katherine Gorge, Nitmiluk National Park, by Ellenor Argyropoulos
Katherine Gorge, the: National Park, by Ellenor Argyropoulos 

Katherine Gorge, Nitmiluk National Park, by Streve Strike
Katherine Gorge,: National Park, by Frank strike 

Hiking the Jatbula Trail, Nitmiluk National Park by Tourism NT
The Jatbula walk Park National: by Tourism NT

North of Kakadu National Park is the entirely Aboriginal-owned Arnhem Land - a huge wilderness rich in Aboriginal culture. Fish of spectacular beaches on the peninsula of Gove and rivers and oceans of the Cobourg peninsula, join an Aboriginal guide on a tour of the Mt Borrodaile and watch Aboriginal artists at work in the traditional community of Oenpeli.

Aboriginal rock art
Aboriginal rock art

Leave your daily routine for the volatile beauty of the upper end of the Australia, you will not regret.