Friday, February 10, 2017

Minneapolis Travel

Minneapolis Travel

Before we left Michigan, we met the big kook of the trip, a man we call Steve Willard. It started by accident - just a passive Hello to the old man parked next to us, but soon he began to talk, and boy did talk about ch. Throwing pimps in prison and the supervision of police drones to the possession of a marijuana farm, in the New Mexico and condos on the strip in Las Vegas, casinos, we of course had the ears. Not to mention the Golden treasure he had accumulated in the Cayman Islands, all said this guy was so eccentric it's amazing he could do.. ' when are going to Montana there, just tell them Willard said... and you'll be fine. I would just give my drug dealer, Jimmy, a call and let him know, he leads all the taverns up there. It will bring in an entire truckload of dope and you will have a real party. And Brenda, she will be able to tell you where at. my point... What's his name... I paid $ 6 million for what it that you think I would remember... anyway how your State doing here with this... this animal... you know, the one who in hiding? "

We came back from Pennsylvania, so of course he was talking about the Groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, who launched into yet another wacko story. Back on the road after we left good old Steve Willard, there was complete silence in the car. I don't think any of us could believe what had just happened. A quick lunch stop had turned into a story hour, hour and a half by a crazy old man in Michigan. Stunned, as we were, we drove to Wisconsin and find it a place of wines and cheeses and friendly faces.

Wisconsin welcome center
Wisconsin foster

Works in the Welcome Center from Wisconsin, we knew it was going to be a great day. A man greeted us cheerfully and pulled out a map where small wheels of cheese marked spots in the region. And who doesn't love cheese? First, we stopped at a diving of the village cheese House of Joe when Joe (who was blind), cut us a few samples and leave us in a photo shoot, wearing the hats of cheese. Then, we hit the trail looking for a producer of opening the Visitors Center guy mentioned and residents were all too happy to help us find him. Once we have it, it was more a deal - only $4 for a glass of wine for novelty and a sample of 7 varieties of wine. They had even a spin the promotion of the wheel where you could win anything from the 10% discount for a bottle of wine. Patrick is stepped to the plate bouncing with excitement. He turned the wheel with a big smile and he spun and spun and landed on - nothing.

'Oh,' said, ' but I come from Germany! Can I try again? "The girl said it was very good, and when she turned away Patrick dinked flying above a notch, right on site that offered"a bottle of Riesling. "Then they handed to him! If the day could not do better, a local behind us because there were three of us and gave us his own novelty wine glass so that we can have a set of four. Wisconsin was a pretty happy place.

Minneapolis skyline

That night, we did a few camping road in the hinterland of the State Park of some that I don't remember the name. This is probably one of our strongest evenings in the brush, but the next day, that we would be in Minneapolis to pick up friend Patrick, Helena. And so the next day we went, find us a hotel and recovered in the city - brushing on a laundry and hygiene.

We weren't in Minneapolis for a long time, but we have the impression of the natives of the Northern Midwest has not changed. Everyone was friendly, even bus drivers - which looked exactly like Bradley Cooper. We went to the zoo of COMA, that was free with the exception of donations, and it was a blast. But the thing that blew us most was probably the Mall of America. This place was GREAT, the largest shopping centre in America - with more than 520 stores, 50 restaurants and a whole indoor amusement park.

Giraffe, COMA Zoo

We decided to kill some time here before picking up to Helena. After lunch at Johnny Rockets, Patrick had fallen in love, "is a place real American hamburger!" he says, "we must come back and show Helena! And so we did. After scooping it upward from the airport, we went back to the Mall and gave his first impression of America Helena.