Monday, February 13, 2017

Fortuitous Adventure to Canada

Fortuitous Adventure to Canada

One Sunday in late July, I leave for the trip of a lifetime with my boyfriend, Shane and his friend, Patrick, of the Germany.  We were going to be on the road for about a month, make our way through the destinations to the United States and Canada. The route was planned about and that we would be joined by friend Patrick, Helena, halfway through, but the rest was a fortuitous adventure.  We had no idea who we might meet or what quirks would have met us, but we have been prepared and ready for life on the road.

The first leg of the trip was to ride north of our starting point in Pennsylvania up to Niagara Falls, Canada.  We reached the place no problem spending the day to roam around the city and night returned to the falls to see illuminated under a fireworks show.  With the rumblings of Thunder and rain fast approaching, we thought for sure that the show would be cancelled - but just as the lightning started to hit, and the rain began to fall, the first Fireworks shot in the air with a bang.  We had the rare opportunity to attend a fireworks and lightning collide above us by night, illuminated falls with changing colors.  Shane pulled out his camera and a tripod to photograph the event while Patrick RI warmly in his poncho, dangled on Shane for the camera to get wet.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Niagara Falls

At the end of it, ponchos important.  We were soaked through.  As much as we could, we dried out inside the car.  We had already set up tent on a campsite oddly placed in the city, so we returned to the camp and hunkered down in our sleeping bags.  In the morning, the rain had mostly stopped, but we awoke in puddles, soaked even more than the day before.  You would think such a miserable first night would be a bad omen for the journey ahead, but they didn't care.  Jerking on tents and writhing on sopping clothes, we decided that we would go to Toronto and dry our things in a hotel room.

Fireworks and Falls by Shane Kiefer
Fireworks and the fall of Shane Kiefer

In those early days, we knew Patrick was going to be the child named on the back seat.  After hours of hearing him continue on how we had to get "trinkets", I didn't understand what he was talking about when he came out of a store for a dollar with a tube of bubbles.  He had also bought a pencil and a Notepad to write a 'must do' to-do list for our trip across America.  On the way to Toronto, Patrick blew its bubbles, dry clothes waving outside the bezel back and began his 'must to-do' list, which until now consisted of "ride a horse in the West, surfing in California and take pictures on Route 66."

Queen Concert
Concert by Queen

When we finally reached Toronto, we checked into a Hyatt and laid out our clothes damp and musty, who take turns to dry with the installation of the Cabinet of iron.  Meanwhile Patrick blew bubbles, the bathroom flooded, and we had dinner the mess of sloppy joe BBQ we had packed into the cooler.  We spent much of the day exploring the city, but the real gem of the day was when we discovered that the Queen and Adam Lambert would be put on the last performance of their North American tour at the Air Canada Centre.  We had the area of nosebleed standing at the back of the stage, but has no importance.  It was unexpected and surprising, and we all had a good time, even Patrick, who had never heard of the Queen (although Helena would give him grief for him later).

The next day was another long city tour, see the places that I have not really cared to see.  Cities have their own kind of sensation and pleasure fast-paced, lively, sociable, everything is good and all the things that contribute to memorable experiences - but I was ready for some desert.  I couldn't wait to set up the camp in the Woods and under the stars.

We were then directed to the Great Lakes region and close to death when the GPS that we had over 100 miles for travel on the first major road went off.  But it is transformed into a game.  Instead of "100 bottles of beer on the wall", we all sang out "100 miles to go on this road.  100 miles to go. Take one down, pass it around, 99 miles to walk down that road... "