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Amazing Place Melbourne, Victoria, and Australia’s Southern Coast

Amazing Place Melbourne, Victoria, and Australia’s Southern Coast

Victoria may be one of the smallest States in the Australia, but it is seriously great when it comes to offering a varied holiday experience.

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Scenic coastal landscape follows the twists and turns of the spectacular Great Ocean Road. Vine-lined hills cover the famous Yarra Valley with many cellar doors. Old sandstone mountain ranges, robust offer magnificent sunsets and outdoor experiences in the Grampians National Park.

The tour perfect for Victoria includes a few days in its capital Melbourne before venturing beyond get a real flavour of what this State has to offer.

Find out the separate forts and flavours of Melbourne.  Often described as cosmopolitan, the city has a large population of migrants that continually influence architecture and food. Take a walk through Chinatown for authentic cuisine; Discover Richmond Vietnamese shops, Italian restaurants of Carlton, Fitzroy Spanish influences and the Lebanese restaurants in Brunswick.

A rich coffee and coffee culture dominates Melbourne and visitors should really take the time to explore the many different flavors and creations throughout the city. Find many cafes in the many streets and alleys that was to hide behind the main streets of Melbourne. Country roads have restaurants, shops and galleries in converted warehouses and secret underground locations that create a secret world in the heart of the city. Stroll through the historic Queen Victoria Markets with lines and lines of product costs and of delicious meats, but also arts and crafts.

De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate

An hour from the city centre you will find the Yarra Valley, is home to over 80 wineries producing the best pinot black Australia, sparkling wine and other cool climate wines. Beer and cider are also produced with many Brewers local boats, welcoming visitors to their microbreweries to taste their beers and ciders. Add food to the mix and you have the perfect day of the gastronome. The region is known for its fresh produce, including salmon of water sweet, trout and caviar as well as organic fruit and vegetables, as well as handmade cheeses and preserves. Take a trip a day to the Yarra Valley, or spend a few days following the many trails taking in the best stops in the region.

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Take a beautiful walk the long Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Follow the coastline rugged and windswept from world class beaches, through fishing villages tiny and huge tropical forests until you reach the steep limestone stacks that rise on the roaring seas. Take your time on the trip and explore the iconic surf spot of Bells Beach, take a hike through the rainforest of the Otway to see some waterfalls and sparkling gorges and meet a friendly wildlife, including kangaroos and koalas at Tower Hill State Game Reserve.

Of the twelve apostles, you can drive North to the center of the State and discover the spectacular National Park of Grampians. Composed of a series of chains of rugged sandstone mountains and rich forests of the fauna, the region of Grampian are one of Victoria's most popular holiday destinations. Explore great hiking trails in the Park takes you to waterfalls, displays of wild flowers and the panoramic views of viewpoints. The region has a rich indigenous history with a number of rock art sites important everywhere in the park that you can discover. See first hand long association Aboriginal people with this area through the paintings exhibited at a number of shelters.

Mackieze Falls, Grampians National Park

Amway Convention Melbourne

For a wildlife experience go to Phillip Island to watch the local fairy penguins take their evening walk. See hundreds of little penguins crowd Summerland beach at dusk to their burrows in the sand after a long day at sea. Choose from a number of points of view, including the main grandstands or upgrade to penguins look more a platform for a more personalized experience with the rangers on site to answer your questions, or squirt for the Penguin Sky Box for exclusive observation tower, elevated for five. More wildlife are available across the island including see the largest colony of sea of fur of the Australia and many koalas in the center of Conservation of the Koala